Making a Nursery

After much pinning, the idea phase had passed and the “get it done” phase was here.  Time to put all these great nursery ideas into action.  Time to get this thing ready for our baby girl who will be coming soon.

I may be a bit biased, but I think the nursery looks really great and am thankful to have such a great wife to figure out a color scheme and some design ideas.  We’re also really thankful to our friends and family that helped along the way!

Time for the tour!  Come on in and see our daughter’s new room!!!  That’s right we still don’t know her name, I apologize to all of the monagramers reading this (but I’m secretly laughing inside too…)
Kristen made a pretty cool “F” sign for the door when she was hanging out with some of her friends from church, and some of our family got us the crib and glider chair!  I’m guessing there will be some late nights spent in this thing!
And here is my major contribution to the room.  We picked up this dresser from an antique shop and I refinished it to look “rustic” and “worn.”  It’s been my biggest refinishing project to date and I really had a fun time working on it.  Now I just need to finish the handles so we can actually pull out the drawers… or I could leave them off and call it “childproofing” but I doubt I’ll get off that easy!
One of Kristen’s good friends painted this for us and it fits really well with the colors and them of the room.  We love it, and after all she will be our Sunshine!!!


 I have no idea where this came from, but hey it goes with the room!


And a baby needs books right!  These are some sweet antique rusted baskets to hold all of our daughters books, and yes we’ve started reading to her already… and possibly rapping some of the books … the rhymes are just too tempting.
And another antique store pickup, just an old mirror that weights about 10 pounds and looks great.
Thanks for checking out the post!  This is the first post on a new site.

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